China’s Landlocked

Ah, China wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

The trip was great. I am genuinely glad that I finally went to this super huge land whose people claimed themselves as the greatest nation of all time【中国🇨🇳】

Many provinces in China are, in fact, placed in a closed land without any direct access to the coastlines. Some admit that they have never seen seashores their whole lives. People in the past even thought that the nearby lakes were the ocean.

We went to 4 different provinces; Gansu, Sichuan, Qinghai, and Inner Mongolia. I know nothing about the trip since I don’t speak Chinese myself, but thanks to my professor for letting me to join the trip xoxo

Far from the city lights and all the hustle and bustle, these places are beautiful and heart breaking at the same time. Didn’t manage to take enough shots due to the super tight schedule (we stayed in different hotels, every day, for 14 freakin days) but I really hope you enjoy!


The sun set at around 8.30 pm, it was really foggy and rainy. We spent a night before heading to the famous Jiuzhaigou in the next morning.

By looking at the tourist management, we can tell how the government pay so much attention in preserving the nature reserve hahaha (cos famous touristy spots in China are usually super messed up and dirty and all), but nayy, not in Jiuzhaigou. Too bad there was a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in the area just few weeks ago.

Didn’t expect anything much in the first place though, but seeing all these pictures, you can tell I’m definitely going back.



One thing that came to my mind was: I just can’t live here.
My nose bled every night during the trip, thanks to the dry climate in Gansu. It was super dusty and there’s nothing much to see.
But boy, human beings live just wherever they are destined to live hahaha. Answering the question on how they adapt to the all-year dry climate: they grow plantations by using plastic to keep the humidity in the soil. Yas, Chinese use plastics literally for anything 了猫


It was a beautiful land indeed. The people are truly warm and kind-hearted. Too bad I couldn’t get what they were saying :(. Although I barely know the name of these cities and places, but I’d say Qinghai is my favorite. Numero Uno 👌. Honestly the trip has changed the way I see China. The people are truly different than those you see at the Shanghai airport hahaha. There’s so much to say I need to tell it in person!!!! But moral of the trip:

learn Chinese.

Milky Way, Inner Mongolia. Courtesy of Terry Cheung